Keyword research is little different in 2015. The intent of the keyword phrases typed by users, has become important more to SEO. Google is using new algorithm updates to map these keyword themes with the user intent. In 2015, you will see tight integration between search and content marketing. Synonym replacement, long tail mining, data [...]

The best way to learn keyword research is by using Google’s auto-complete keywords. If you can arm yourself with a free automation tool like UberSuggest than your content strategy will become much easy. You just need to enter a key term and this tool will automatically enhance the different possibilities of that keyword and list [...]

The free version of SEMrush, a keyword research software, has limited features. It is restricted to 10 requests per day, showing just 10 results per report. The “Keyword Research” tab gives the required details in SEMrush. To get some basic related keywords using SEMrush, just type the primary keyword in the search box. This service [...]

The internet is full of download managers. Choosing the right product is a difficult task. Even the fastest internet browser need some downloading tools. They also do not utilize the maximum bandwidth speed. For this purpose, you need to buy the fastest download manager which can make downloading faster. To make internet faster in Windows [...]

Download managers have wide applications like downloading YouTube videos and optimizing bandwidth speeds. Internet Download Manager (IDM) is one of the best software applications in this class. You can schedule your downloads or even download the whole website. With Android and iOS, the impetus has changed to apps. But if you are a desktop user, [...]

Windows 10 phone with Cortana is expected to release globally by summer 2015. Microsoft Cortana is an intelligent personal assistant developed especially for Windows Phones. Currently this is working for Windows 8.1 phone devices. Cortana is powered by Bing. First you need to train the voice assistant and then get the information required. For example, [...]

SEMrush is a productive intelligent analytic software used for SEO analysis. As bloggers we want more traffic and money. For this we need to do several things like keyword research, competitor analysis, find relevant publisher sites to display ads, find referring domains to engage on backlink opportunities and so many. SEMrush gives an opportunity to [...]

Windows 10 latest leaked build 10036 has a transparent Start Menu. Microsoft also confirmed that it will increase pace in releasing next builds. There is a commendable change to the version released at the Technical Preview. File Explorer, Documents and Settings are listed in the menu with icons. This indicates that they are going to [...]

Building links is one of the important white-hat strategies of SEO. Big brands can pay huge money to SEO services to come up with solutions for this problem. But can individual bloggers and small-time bloggers, gain links with very less money? Recently I found a simple method of gathering backlinks to your website, using SEMrush. [...]

Windows 8.1 computers are also used to connect TVs and other media devices using HDMI cables. One of the problems faced by users is when there is picture, but no sound. But what is an HDMI? Barely speaking it’s just a standard like the web. But this is used for connecting high-definition video devices. It [...]

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