Whether you are in USA, UK or India, you always want to buy the cheapest deals in electronics. Whether it’s a PC or laptop or tablet or smartphone it doesn’t make a difference. With increasing devices, you need different networks for different hardware, which makes your internet costly. But I’ll tell you common known secret [...]

Outlook PST Recovery software works towards recovering corrupted PST files and makes them accessible. The tool recovers damaged PST and restores it into three major file formats. These file extensions are accepted over multiple email clients and are used worldwide by end users. The latest version of the tool is v4.1 and it comes with [...]

Bet, you are thinking of performance improvements in Windows 10. For example, HTC One for Windows is faring better than Android, not only in battery life, but also is faster. Also the IE10 and IE11 are having better JavaScript experience in Windows 10. The Technical Preview license runs till April 15, 2015 and the final release [...]

Windows 10 RTM – What Features to Expect?

I was surprised to know that Windows 10 was predicted as an "April Fool's" Joke. But the reality was true, as you can see in this article from Pete Babb.  The next thing about this one-OS for all devices is that a new version will be coming out in a few days.  Though the RTM version has [...]

Windows 10 vs Windows 7 : Which One Would You Prefer?

Windows 10 Technical Preview is ready for download if you prefer. Windows 7 already had its piece of cake in the market-share of desktop operating system. So if you are using Vista, 8, 8,1 or XP, guidelines are provided on the selection of Windows 10 or Windows 7 if you are on the upgrade path or downgrade path.

Though the final release (RTM) is expected to be in 2015, Microsoft has plans to conduct a press event on the latest technnical preview on Sept 30th, 2014. It has announced major plans to discuss "the future of Windows and enterprise computing". Read About - Windows 8.1 Update 1 Release and What has Changed ? [...]

Outlook is a popular mail client from Microsoft which is being continuously developed in interface and functionality. But with increasing technology come also the headache of performance problems. One such problem you face with Outlook 2013 or 2010 is "Outlook taking too much time to load and hangs on loading profile". This is the familiar [...]

If you are hosting (i.e storing files, folders, images, videos, films etc on a server) a website, you probably know what HostGator is! I've already given my 10 reasons why I prefer HostGator as the best web hosting company in the world. Though its not boasting about its features, I have explained about my experience. [...]

Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 has a host of improved tools that not only do simple search for viruses, malware and trojans. Just like in KAV 2014, a central console provides details on your desktop's security status - large buttons give you the interaction with the various features of the tool (Scan, Update, Safe Money, Reports, [...]

The advantage between a SSD and HDD lies in the parameter you compare. For example if you compare pricing, then HDD is the clear winner. But if you compare faster boot speed and performance, SSD will out-smart the "older" platter drives. According to Wikipedia, these are the definitions of HDD and SSD - A hard [...]

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