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In the latest January Technical Preview, Microsoft has updated the Windows 10 OS to Build 9926. With over 2 million Windows Insider Program preview users trying the “One” OS and giving feedback, Microsoft has made significant changes to its newest features. Windows 8 lacked some basic options like the Start Menu. With 8.1 update and [...]

Keyword Analysis using SEMrush, GA and GKP

SEMrush is a competitor analysis tool with main focus on keyword research. You can get a FREE 14 day trial of it’s PRO account using the link or code provided here. We also talked about another article which suggests different ways in which bloggers can profit from SEMrush and make money. While researching SEMrush on [...]

With the advent of mobile phones, Android has become a house-hold name. PCs still remain and Windows continues to dominate that market. We still need big screen computers in order to view images, videos and movies downloaded from the internet. For example, you have taken family photos with your Android phone and would like to [...]

Google recently made it very clear that HTTPS would be a ranking sign (though only a low-signal). But as competition increases with changing algorithm, it can become an influential parameter. So what is for bloggers and small website owners? They have to ensure that they install a SSL certificate to redirect all their HTTP pages [...]

In 2015, it’s even much difficult to generate income from online resources. This is due to the fact, that the number of bloggers are increasing day by day and readers are becoming more aware. There is also a shift in discussions from blogging to social network circles. Visitors used to comment on niche blogs in [...]

It’s not a saying when you say, “Affiliate Business is not a cake-walk”.  Yes, you might have read rags to riches stories of people who made it big using online programs. But unless there is a vision, plan and strategy to build a network empire of loyal subscribers, your hard-work will succumb by an ash [...]

Are you finding your computer working space insufficient? You have too many applications, software and apps. But you only have an 32” LCD screen to see all these hyper multimedia. Whew! Now you are thinking of buying a new screen bigger in size, probably 42” or 80”. But that is not a smart solution! Better [...]

Whether you are in USA, UK or India, you always want to buy the cheapest deals in electronics. Whether it’s a PC or laptop or tablet or smartphone it doesn’t make a difference. With increasing devices, you need different networks for different hardware, which makes your internet costly. But I’ll tell you common known secret [...]

Outlook PST Recovery software works towards recovering corrupted PST files and makes them accessible. The tool recovers damaged PST and restores it into three major file formats. These file extensions are accepted over multiple email clients and are used worldwide by end users. The latest version of the tool is v4.1 and it comes with [...]

Bet, you are thinking of performance improvements in Windows 10. For example, HTC One for Windows is faring better than Android, not only in battery life, but also is faster. Also the IE10 and IE11 are having better JavaScript experience in Windows 10. The Technical Preview license runs till April 15, 2015 and the final release [...]

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