You might have reserved your copy of Windows 10, using the “Get Windows 10 App”. It is released in 190 countries world-wide. Microsoft goal is to upgrade 1 billion devices with Windows 10 operating system. Once you have reserved your copy of Win 10, it will silently download in the background. The file size may [...]

We have already seen the requirements to check before we buy the best wireless router for home use for windows. In most of the cases, legacy wireless routers will provide the basic necessities. You can have dual band and marginal speeds up to 300Mbps and also get RC-11 connector type for some of these routers. [...]

We are all well aware about the range of Operating Systems that have been offered by Microsoft over the years. Microsoft is back with a new variant of its popular Operating System Windows this time and it is packed with a number of unexpectedly great features to look forward. Here is just a glance at [...]

A wireless router for Windows in 2015 has many functions. It is a simple device that does the functionality of both router and wireless access point. A router is a device that connects multiple devices to the same internet connection, in simplicity, though it can perform various other networking tasks. You can even connect your [...]

When you do a search for best registry cleaner and cleaning software, there are hundreds of products. All of them boast around 100% performance gain and tempt you to shell money on them. But are they really necessary? The only product you will need for cleaning your PC and registry is CCleaner (even this is [...]

It has a new build – 10158. For PC users, changes like Start Menu, Cortana, Virtual desktops, Universal Apps, Edge browser, DirectX 12, Free Pricing, Continuum make Windows 10 the best bet to upgrade. But just like Win XP, users will be tempted to remain with Windows 7, as its performance and simplicity cannot be [...]

You can connect your computer, laptop, phone to an HDMI external device using Windows 10. With the release of Windows 10 Technical Preview in 2014, many users tried to connect their computers to HDMI external devices. But just like Windows 8.1 and 7, some people faced with the problem of audio not working. You can [...]

Keyword Planner is like the “holy grail” of keyword research. Most of the paid and free tools extract data from this Google tool which is mainly for advertisers. But bloggers and publishers can also utilize this tool to extract enough data to target their content. Click here – Google Keyword Planner You need to have [...]

We need google suggestions for main keywords to implement the right keyword strategy. There are many variations for a particular keyword. If you want to target your article with a key search term, you have to do lot of analysis. In other to that, you need to have fresh content which is liked by search [...]

Keyword research is little different in 2015. The intent of the keyword phrases typed by users, has become important more to SEO. Google is using new algorithm updates to map these keyword themes with the user intent. In 2015, you will see tight integration between search and content marketing. Synonym replacement, long tail mining, data [...]

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