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Wi-Fi and Wireless networks are common in this computer age of 2014. With Windows 8.1, Microsoft has removed the ability to right-click wireless networks and forget them. Previously in earlier Windows operating systems, you can stop the OS from automatically connecting to the Wireless Internet. More Articles to Read Change Advanced Appearance Settings in Windows [...]

When there are multiple operating systems on a PC and a hard-disk crash occurs or a BSOD error occurs, you are in the midst of whirlpool. You scratch your head, as the system will not boot and Windows 8 has all the files required for your  normal operation. In such scenarios, emergency repair disks or [...]

I already talked about the much difference between Office 365 and 2013. The former is more of a subscription based model and has cloud-based support. The latter is more of a traditional upgraded version of spread-sheet software which Microsoft has been earning dollars for years. Installing Office 2013 is just like a piece-of-cake if you [...]

We recently talked about the Windows 8.1 Update 1 and its exciting features. But after April 8th, when I tried to download the update, I received an error. Though there are other updates related to Office 2013 which installed perfectly, one update KB2919355 didn't install at all, though it downloaded successfully? First of all, if [...]

Within this week Microsoft is arranging a developers conference in San Francisco. This is an important event before the release of Windows 8.1 update 1 on April 8th. There may be several things that may be discussed, but the most important thing is the development of Windows Phone 8.1. More things to Learn Why Kaspersky AV [...]

The rules of Firewall are very simple. Block any incoming traffic which can be detrimental to the computer. There is also a provision in the Windows 8 Firewall, using which you can block outgoing traffic also. This is a simple concept based on which you can block or unblock an application in Windows 8. You [...]

Databases form the core of MS Access system which include cells, rows, tables and other miscellaneous elements. But once these databases go corrupt several things can happen - internal and external of Access. The database files generally have extensions ending in  *.accdb,*.mdb, *.adp, *.mda,*.accda,*.mde,*.accde,*.ade  which form the core group of Access. Enterprises use still bigger [...]

Cyber criminals who were in thick of action in 2012 and 2013, have increased their presence through online marketing. For example, the Blackhole exploit kit which was rampant in 2012 got replaced by new exploit kits in 2013 using its parent malicious code. Though it's author, nick-named "Paunch" was lately arrested in October, 2013, the [...]

When ever we talk about killing a process or application, it's the Task Manager that comes to the mind first. Since the days of XP, this little in-built tool could be accessed by simply pressing the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys altogether. But with the advent of Windows 8, there are few changes to be [...]

This is a common question asked by "old" users of Office 2010. By the end of 2011, almost 200 million licenses of Office 2010 have been sold making Microsoft more richer by this deal. But with the release of Windows 8 to the general public on Oct 26, 2012 several questions arise. Will my Office [...]

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