Windows 8 vs Ubuntu 12.10 – Which One to Adopt?

Two great OS brands released their products in this year 2012. Ubuntu released 12.04 just before a week of Windows 8 release. We earlier talked about Windows 8 vs Windows 7 comparison and that should have tilted your balance towards the Metro based OS. But now we do a review on comparison of Windows 8 vs Ubuntu features, which will give you more scope to decide whether to use the new OS or not.

Cloud Storage Features Comparison in Windows 8 vs Ubuntu 12.10 Battle

Coming to the cloud facilities, Ubuntu One was launched in 2009, enabling users to store files online. Then you can sync those files among computers and mobile devices. You can stream audio and music from the cloud to the mobile devices.

Ubuntu One works with various OS’s like Windows, OS X, iOS, Android and its own product Ubuntu. Users of Ubuntu Linux get 5GB of Ubuntu One storage for free; 20GB costs $30 per year. But from version 12.10 onwards, Canonical has integrated web apps and online searches directly into Unity desktop.

Microsoft has seamlessly integrated cloud into Windows 8 with it’s SkyDrive platform. Microsoft’s SkyDrive offers users 7GB of space for free. If you need more than that, you can have an extra 20GB for $10, 50GB for $25, or 100GB for $50 annually.

File Copy Performance in Windows 8 vs Ubuntu 12.10 Combat

The typical system performance can be tested on both the operating systems by testing their copying speed of files. “HecticGeek” did a small test for file copying with Ubuntu and Windows 8.

In Test 1, he copied a disc image file of 800 MB in size from one folder to another on the same partition. In Test 2, he copied a large folder of 2.3 GB size containing small and large files. He did the tests 5 times on each operating system.

The results can be seen in the infographic below:

Single File Copy Performance in Windows 8 vs UbuntuLarge Folder copy Performance in Windows 8 vs Ubuntu 12.10

As you can observe from the above graphs, Windows 8 took less time at an average throughput rate of 64MB per second while Ubuntu took 31.3MB per second for the same operation of copying a single 800 MB file.

For ‘Test 2’, Ubuntu only took 86.4 seconds to copy the 2.3GB file (average disk I/O of 26MB per seconds), where Windows 8 took as long as 122 seconds! (average disk I/O of 19MB per second). But if you switched of the real-time protection in Windows 8 by quitting “Windows Defender“, the results were more or less the same.

Some other comparisons between Windows 8 vs Ubuntu 12.10

Windows 8 vs Ubuntu

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The license fee for a Windows 8 Pro (32bit) version is $39 to $69 for an upgrade from Windows 7. The direct price is still higher. But Ubuntu is free. Both 32 bit and 64 bit CPU architecture are supported in Windows 8 and Ubuntu. But Ubuntu 12.10 also supports ARM and PPC.

The minimum RAM requirement for a Windows 8 PC varies from 1GB to 2GB, where as in Ubuntu its only 512MB. The minimum hard disk space required in Windows 8 is 20GB whereas in Ubuntu its only 5GB.

Ubuntu comes with productivity software included in the form of LibreOffice and has graphic tools. But those are non-existent in Windows 8.


If you are an avid Windows user, then 8 will definitely appeal to you. The only downside is that it needs a little learning curve. Also, you need to spend a few tens to hundred dollars if you want to follow the Microsoft way. On the other side, if you want a free OS with LibreOffice and other tools, then Ubuntu is your choice. As you can see above, it comes to price and habit in choosing one of the above.

Please comment in the section below on the comparison of Windows 8 vs Ubuntu features and did it help you to decide which OS to use for your computing needs.

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