Windows 7 Cloud Free Apps : Mesh, Remote Access, PhotoFuse etc

The shift from Mainframe computers to client-server architecture took place in the 1980s. Now after Y2K year, the computing model has shifted to “Cloud Computing” which is a process of computing done based on Internet. Resources, Software, Applications etc and other information can be shared with other computers and devices. This “Cloud” computing can also be called as Web based applications or Tools which can be accessed via a web browser, as if the application or tools are installed locally on your computer. The uses of Cloud computing are delivery of common business applications online which can be accessed through

Change Windows 7 Icon : Token Icon Pack Installer for SP1 (x86 and x64)

Got bored with the present Windows 7 Icon set?  Want to change Windows 7 Icons? If you’ve installed Windows 7 SP1 update for your PC, there is new icon set to be installed. It is called Token Icon Pack Installer for Windows Seven Build  7601 (SP1).  This can be grabbed from Token Icon Pack Installer, as the name suggests, automatically replaces the default icons present in Windows 7 SP1 with Token icons. Token icons are the best set of customized icons for Windows 7. How To Install? Installing the Token Icon Pack set is very

The Features of Virtual Desktop Manager in Windows 7 – How to Create and Work with Them?

Feeling clumsy with a single desktop in Windows 7! There is a software app for Windows 7 called “Windows Pager” which will create 4 virtual desktops. (also called virtual workspaces). The latest changes to the new tool brings unlined integration into Windows 7. Windows Pager sits perfectly in the Windows 7 taskbar ( also called superbar) with complete preview of apps running in virtual desktops. You can reach respective virtual desktop by clicking each icon. You can switch the desktops by clicking the icons in the taskbar. The same can be obtained by right-clicking any Windows title bar and selecting

Windows 7 Wallpaper: Changes on Weather Conditions

There is default weather gadget for Windows 7, by which you can know the weather conditions of your city. But if you want more, in the form of wallpaper, here is good software to do that. “Weather Desktop Background Changer” is a better app for Windows 7.  It lets you pick up set of custom wallpapers which will be automatically applied to your desktop depending on the weather conditions of your state or city (US only). Using this app, you can get the weather report in your taskbar and the weather forecast for the next couple of days. This will

Fix BOOTMGR is Missing Error During or After Windows 7 Install – Causes and Solutions

After a failed Windows 7 install, you may encounter the “BOOTMGR is missing” error when you make another futile attempt to install or run the OS. It will show you a black screen. There are no fixes provided alongwith the error. It will simply say to press “CTRL+ALT+DELETE” or “RESTART” your computer. Just like many illogical Microsoft solutions, this solution is also stupid. For people who don’t know about computer error messages or less knowledgeable about OS, will try to fix with their intuitive solutions like wiping out the hard disk, repetitively running the install DVD or USB several times,