Windows 7 Library Icon Changer – Change your Library Icons

Windows 7 Libraries is an explicable feature in the Microsoft’s new OS. It makes saving locations very easy.

Instead of browsing all through the drives and folders, you can have default folder locations to save your files or folders.

But, Libraries have a default icon set, which aren’t so easily changeable just like the Explorer icons.

So, if you want to change the Library icons, what is the solution?

To people who are interested in changing these Library icons, there is a free light-weight tool called Library Icon Changer which changes the Windows 7 Library icons very easily.

Library Icon Changer : Download

How does Library Icon Changer Work?

In order to change the Windows 7 Library icons, select the particular library item from the right pane of Library Icon Changer software, and then select the new icon on the left pane in the same window.


Though, there are many default icons to change to, you can also have the option of changing to a custom icon.

But the icon file, must be in .ico format, as a substitute for default icon.

In order to make a custom icon, you can search Google for different blogs. After creating a custom icon, you can click the button which says “Select new Icon from file”.

Even though if you have a corrupted icon set for your Windows 7 Library icons, or you think, the icons you changed are not to your taste, you can restore them back using the “Restore default icon” button. This tiny piece of software works on all versions of Windows 7 including 32 and 64 -bit OS.

Change Windows 7 Library Icons – Manual Way

If you are  not interested in using a software and are afraid that it may cause trouble to your system and especially for geeks there is a manual way I found out on

This requires creating a small text file with some commands embedded in it.

Open the Search bar or Explorer bar and enter the following command.


Next drag one of the Library icons in Explorer to a Notepad file like this:

Drag Icons in Windows 7Once you do this I’m assuming that the icon will be converted into some “code” .  The code will look something like this:


In the middle there will be reference to your .ico file or a DLL file, which ever you are referencing. If its a DLL, you need to add the coma and the number position of the icon in the file. The piece of code highlighted in the above screenshot refers to the icon file path.

So if that line is not there, you need to manually add it.


This manual hack is generally useful to swap different Windows 7 icons with Library icons. But you can also use it to change a Windows 7 library icon with a custom icons found elsewhere.

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