How the Skype Windows Live Messenger Merge Works!

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Windows 8 has come up with a neat way to manage contacts with People App. But with Microsoft planning for “Skype-Windows Live Messenger merge”, the repercussions could be daunting. There are over 100 million users using Windows Live Messenger and all these people will be affected by this merge. This is a confirmed report by Microsoft after “TheVerge” has leaked the news earlier.

After merging your Skype and Microsoft accounts, your Microsoft contacts will appear within your Skype contacts list and the vice-versa also works. But if your friend is listed in both Messenger(also known as Windows Live Messenger) and Skype, then it will be displayed twice in Skype.

Currently, your Skype contacts are not listed in your Messenger list, but you can access your Messenger contacts from the Windows Live Messenger, as usual.

For further details about Skype, Microsoft Account and Messenger queries, you can read these forum posts.

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Windows Live Messenger (a.k.a MSN Messenger) was ad-supported and barely generating any revenue. With Facebook and other Social Networks making rampage among the internet users, the user base for Microsoft’s messenger was dwindling. On the other hand, Skype is getting stronger day-by-day and generating millions in revenue. I think this is the main idea behind the merger of Skype and Windows Live Messenger, which makes the business case a potential cash-cow.

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But for China users, this will merge will not happen. Going back to history, Skype was acquired by Microsoft on 10 May 2011 for a whopping US$8.5 billion. Currently Skype has around 280 million monthly active users, which will make it 380+ with the addition of 100+ million users of WLM.

So before the heavens fall and the dragons are released, lets see how to merge Messenger contacts with Skype account!

    1. Download and install the latest version of Skype.
    2. Launch Skype and logout your existing Skype account (if any).
    3. Sign in using your Microsoft Account (Messenger, Hotmail, or
    4. Then, sign into your existing Skype account by clicking “I have a Skype account”. That will merge your Windows Live Messenger contacts with your existing Skype account.

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That’s so easy! Even if you don’t combine the contacts, the merge will happen in the first quarter of 2013.

Merge Windows Live Messenger Contacts with Skype

Let’s see some advantages of Skype over Messenger.

  • Broader device support for all platforms, including iPad and Android tablets
  • Instant messaging, video calling, and calling landlines and mobiles all in one place
  • Sharing screens
  • Video calling on mobile phones
  • Video calling with Facebook friends
  • Group video calling

Though I’m not sure with the recent release of Skype, but the Beta version also supported merging Facebook contacts with Skype. If you didn’t know, Microsoft has some stake in Facebook. The integration of Skype and Facebook is also as a whizz, just as Messenger and Skype. Login into your Skype using your Facebook account and Hola, your Facebook contacts are converged into it.

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If you are using the Skype App in Windows 8, it’ll ask to merge your Microsoft account (a.k.a Windows Live Id or MSN Id) with it Skype. So the next time you use Skype, you will be asked to login with Microsoft account. The best part of this deal is, it will also reduce the number of duplicate accounts on Windows Live Messenger, Facebook and Skype, if you plan to integrate them all. Also the new app supports some other networks also if I remember correctly.

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Finally after the Skype-Windows Live Messenger merge ordeal is over, you will have a clean slate of contacts. Time only shows in the long run the quality of services offered by Microsoft over this merge. Also I tested the audio quality of Skype for long-distance calling i.e from India to USA and its excellent.


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