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Bluetooth technology is one of the wireless technologies that make listening to music on the go. We can connect Windows 10 or 8.1 or 7 computers to wireless speakers, headsets, earphones, soundbars with this easy-to-use network.

If Windows 7 Bluetooth is not working than you can follow simple steps to resolve them.

To make this work, you require both hardware and software. The send and receive devices both need to have Bluetooth hardware. If you are connecting these devices to Windows computers or laptops, you need to enable it first.

scan and search for wireless devices windows 10

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  • The Bluetooth icon is not visible in the system tray.
  • The requested wireless devices like Bluetooth speakers, mice, headphones, mobiles, fitness trackers, etc., will not work.
  • Bluetooth is paired but disconnected.
  • Proper drivers not found. Built-in Bluetooth hardware is not functioning.
  • The Bluetooth USB adapter is not recognized.

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Check the following list before you proceed to the detailed steps.

  • Does your laptop has Bluetooth hardware and software settings?
  • If not, is your Bluetooth USB Dongle connected to laptop?
  • Are both Windows and Bluetooth device paired?
  • Did you install Bluetooth drivers for Windows 7?
  • Are Windows 10 Bluetooth drivers supported?
  • Did you check your laptop manufacturer site for drivers?
  • Are Microsoft drivers working for you?

If Windows Bluetooth is not working in 10 or 8.1 or 7, you can try these solutions.

Check if Bluetooth Hardware Exists

Most of the laptops and recent Windows desktops have in-built Bluetooth hardware. To resolve the above issue, you need to enable both the Bluetooth hardware and software.

Generally, a slider is provided on the laptop to toggle the Bluetooth option. Then the corresponding indicator will glow.

bluetooth adapter for pc windows

In the case of old desktops or computers or laptops where Bluetooth technology is absent, you need to purchase a Bluetooth USB Dongle or adapter. It makes sending and receiving wireless signals.

If either of this hardware is missing, you will not hear music or send Bluetooth signals.

Enable Bluetooth option in Windows

Turn on the Bluetooth setting if it is not. It is different in Windows 10 or 8.1, or 7. Take appropriate steps to enable this option.

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If the Bluetooth hardware is enabled and the software setting is ON, then you should see a Bluetooth icon in the system tray. It indicates that both of the above steps are done perfectly and working.

enable bluetooth setting windows

Check Bluetooth Drivers – Windows Bluetooth Not Working

  • Open the Device Manager in Windows 10 or 8.1 or 7. Type devmgmt.msc in the Run dialog (Win + R) box.
  • Click the Computer name to see all the devices.
  • The Bluetooth section should be visible.
  • Under this, Bluetooth device drivers are visible.

Under Sound, Network also you can find your Bluetooth devices listed.

Fix Windows Bluetooth Not Working

If for any case, Bluetooth blue icon is not visible, device drivers are not visible, or audio is not playing, try these troubleshooting steps. These steps are detailed if you have a Bluetooth USB dongle—the same works for in-built Bluetooth hardware.

  1. Disconnect the USB hub and re-connect again.
  2. Remove the Bluetooth adapter connected to the USB hub and plug it in again.
  3. Turn on the switch to the USB socket.
  4. Now, the Bluetooth icon should appear in the system tray.
bluetooth is visible windows
  1. Right-click it, and all the Bluetooth options should be visible.
show bluetooth devices windows 7
  1. Add the Bluetooth speakers and click on Show Bluetooth devices.
  2. Bluetooth devices should be visible.
    You can also go to Control Panel > Devices and Printers > Bluetooth Devices.
  3. Right-click the Bluetooth speaker icon and Sound Settings.
  4. Other options are available.
    a. Advanced Operation
    b. Troubleshoot
    c. Remove device
bluetooth device is discoverable

Set Bluetooth Headset as Default Playback Device

  1. Sound properties window will open.
  2. If you don’t listen to music through the Bluetooth speakers, that device is not the default device.
  3. Right-click the Bluetooth speaker headset or speaker icon and set it as the default device.
    You can also try few other troubleshooting steps.
    Try the troubleshoot option mentioned before.
    Remove the device and scan for Bluetooth devices again.
  4. Under Advanced Operation, you can connect to an audio sync device.
connect bluetooth device to windows

Right-click the Bluetooth speaker icon and click on Properties.
Click on the Services tab.

Following Bluetooth services are available.

bluetooth speaker services
  • Audio Sink
  • Remote Control
  • Remotely Controllable Device.

Uncheck each option and check again. If Bluetooth drivers do not exist, this may install them.

Now the Bluetooth headset device in Sound Properties window should have default playback device.

set bluetooth sound device as default

Set it as default.

Enable Bluetooth Discovery

If your Windows computer is hardware and software-enabled for Bluetooth but unable to connect to other Bluetooth devices like speakers, headsets, smartphones, soundbar, keyboards, mice, etc., you can check this option.

allow windows to discover and connect bluetooth headset

Bluetooth Drivers – Update them

  1. If you are still using the old Bluetooth version drivers for a long time, it’s time to update for Windows 10.
  2. Even in Windows 7, some adapters need updates. In-built devices also require the latest updates.
  3. Right-click the Bluetooth device in the Device Manager and click on Update Driver Software.
  4. Let Windows automatically search and update drivers.
  5. If that doesn’t help, you can try the Driver Updater tools like CCleaner, DriverEasy, DriverBooster, etc.
  6. As a last resort, you can update them manually to the Microsoft drivers.

Bluetooth Troubleshooter in Windows 10 or 8.1 or 7

In some cases, we cannot identify the problem of the Bluetooth connection issue.
Try running the default Bluetooth troubleshooter available in Windows 7 or 10.
It will run automatically. Stop, restart some services.
It may also uninstall the Bluetooth adapter and reinstall them.
Check again if you can hear audio from your Bluetooth speakers.

Restart Bluetooth Support Service

Press the Win + R keys together and enter services.msc.
In the Services windows, find the Service “Bluetooth Support Service”.
Restart it. Stop and Start.
It should fix some Bluetooth connection issues.

bluetooth support service windows

Bluetooth Audio Gateway Service is another for audio devices. You can do the same.

Go back to a System Restore Point

If before an update or in the earlier version, if the Bluetooth connection is working, you can do a system restore.

You can always create a system restore point using the Windows modules.
Otherwise, CCleaner-like tools create a system restore point if required.

It will roll back the Bluetooth driver version and other system files. The standard files will not be affected.

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