Basic Windows 7 Power Options : Display, Sleep, Power Buttons

You may often find to your advantage to tweak your Windows 7 Power options like display, sleep and power buttons, so that it suits your working habits and power savings mode. The display setting can be used to turn off the monitor after a pre-defined set of minutes, so that power is saved when the computer monitor is idle.

You can also save some power by putting computer to sleep or low-battery mode, if your computer is idle. Also using keyboard shortcuts (for multimedia keyboards), you can put computer to sleep or hibernate with a single key stroke.

In order to change/play with your windows 7 power options in your Windows 7 desktop, open the following window.

How to Open Windows 7 Power Options:-

Control Panel –> All Control Panel Items (Small Icons mode) –> Power Options


The following Windows 7 Power options are displayed.


Basic Windows 7 Power Options Explained:-


There are some basic settings for Windows 7 power options displayed in the left side of the screen like

  • Choose when to turn off the display.
  • Change when the computer sleeps.

Both the options will open the same window shown below. Give a value in minutes for both the settings/options. These two options will turn off the monitor and/or put computer to sleep, depending on the value you specified. You can also specify “Never” so that these two options are off.


  • Choose what the power buttons do.

This option will let you choose the action for the power and sleep buttons. ( generally these buttons are available for multi-media keyboards).

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The options in the drop-down are like Sleep, Hibernate & Shutdown. You can also toggle the option to set a password when a computer wakes up from sleep.

Using the above Windows 7 power options, you can put your computer to sleep, hibernate or shutdown your computer.

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