[Solved] Windows 7 64 Bit BSOD Errors : Simple Solutions

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The Windows 7 Blue Screen error problems are so many and if you search forums, blogs and net you’ll find long discussions on this subject. Even if you search the official microsoft forms, Microsoft engineers ask you about dumps and other related information to diagnose your problem, sometimes giving unrelated solutions, only to find out the solution had a different reason.


1. Problem : Windows 7 64 Bit BSOD Error caused by vsdatant.sys

Solution: According to this resource, all the dumps generated pointed out that the BSOD errors (vsdatant.sys) were due to a driver installed my ZoneAlarm. The simple solution to this problem is uninstall ZoneAlarm and re-install it. I better advice not to use ZoneAlarm Firewall at all, as one-time it totally blocked my internet, after which I had to do a free re-install of Windows 7 again.

Sometimes this error may be also due to wireless adapter (like in this case, Linksys(Cisco) drivers where the official drivers were non-existing and had to be downloaded from Rainlink website). This file (vsdatant.sys) may be also related to Cisco VPN client. The ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite is also a problem sometimes. So many a times, the problem could be due to incompatible issues between Cisco VPN Applications and ZoneAlarm. You can use software like Perfect Uninstaller to completely uninstall ZoneAlarm Firewall and any of it’s associated products. Also in the 2010 and 2011, the default standalone uninstaller completely remove ZA without any remnants.

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RECOMMENDED : Updating drivers manually isn’t the most efficient way to fix BSoD errors, therefore we advise you to try this Driver Update software that downloads all the necessary drivers with just one click.

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2. Problem: Windows 7 64 Bit BSOD caused by NetIO.sys

Solution: Somebody was having the following system setup.

  • Dell Studio 1558 with 8GB of RAM, Intel i7 Processor Q 840 @ 1.87 GHz (8M cache), 64-bit Operating System and ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 1 GB Graphic Card with Windows 7 Ultimate edition.
  • HP BL685 G7 running Windows Server 2008 R2 Core with Hyper-V.

The most likely cause is due to anti virus software like McAfee, Kaspersky and Norton. Uninstall these software and see if this solves the problem. Otherwise, do a “clean bootup” and see that changes anything. This can also happen after you update to Win 7 SP1. Sometimes, you have very large number of connections in bittorrent and this also causes the problem.

3.  Problem: Windows 7 64 Bit BSOD Error caused by BitTorrent clients (eg. Utorrent)

Solution: Somebody using Windows 7 64 Bit Home Premium on ACER X1900 system had his computer shutdown suddenly and display the message “blue screen”. The best solution is to completely remove Utorrent or related software. This is generally caused by 3rd party security programs like McAfee. Sometimes, the problem is in your anti virus software like Kaspersky 2010. Since there are incompatibility issues between large number of connections in torrent clients like Utorrent, Bittorrent etc and anti virus software like McAfee, Kaspersky, Norton etc, it’s advisable to disable the anti virus software and reduce the connections and see if it solves the problem.

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4. Sometimes the BSOD errors are also caused by BAD RAM. Use RAM testing tools like Memtest86 to find out RAM errors.


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