[Review] Easy DRM Converter to Convert Apple Music to MP3, M4A etc

Usage of AppleMacSoft's Easy DRM Converter to remove copyrights from Apple Music. How to convert DRM files to MP3 format using batch process. Pros and Cons.


Windows supports iTunes on all its latest version of OS. Apple is the mother of this music software. With last year launched Apple Music, you can stream and buy tracks using iTunes. To listen the music charts, you need to buy music album or individual tracks. You have license to these premium songs only on the device you download it. In order to play those songs in iTunes on another mobile or PC, you need to buy it again.

Apple protects its license over iTunes songs using DRM technology. The simple way to listen to these songs is to download from torrents. But you are not sure whether they contain virus or harmful to your computer. So, in order to use the DRM versions of your iTunes music once again, you need to remove its protection.

In that way, you can use the same songs on multiple devices. But for that you need a proper DRM converter. Generally, these DRM files are in the format of M4P. It stands for MPEG 4 Protected (audio). This M4P file extension is visible in Apple iTunes, which uses “Fairplay” Digital Rights Management system to protect its copyrights. If they are unprotected they have the extension of M4A. Both these extensions are used for audio files only.

Now a flexible software in the form of “Easy DRM Converter for Windows” is available from AppleMacSoft to convert both DRM and non-DRM music to different formats. Generally, in Windows, you can see that, MP3 files play a major part and are also of small size. So, in this fashion you can make your family members happy without spending a dime. You can share with your relatives and friends, the same songs you download from iTunes.

Also, as they are from iTunes, you have good bitrate and clarity for these songs.

AppleMacSoft – Requirements of Easy DRM Converter for Windows?

In order to use this cheap trick to convert your iTunes music to any version, you need some following requirements.

You need any of the following Windows OS – 10, 8, 7 or XP. You need the latest version of iTunes (which is currently 11). Then you need the Apple Music subscription. Generally, Apple provides a 3-month free subscription for first-time users. You can also buy a monthly subscription which is $9.99 per month per individual. Otherwise, you can take the $14.99 per month family subscription for up to 6 people. You need iCloud Family Sharing for this purpose.

Next, we need to download the AppleMacSoft’s  Easy DRM Converter for Windows. This is of 21 MB in file size. So, with a 4 MBPS connection, you can download it within 40 secs. The trial version generally works for 1 month. But to use its full features and continue using it for long duration, you need to purchase it. The paid version costs around $39.95.

It is a typical installation of any application or app in Windows. You just need to run the .exe file. If you directly bought the license, you can insert it during the install phase itself. Otherwise, you can go with the trial version option for 30 days. You will get activation code, if you have purchased the full version. You need to enter  to unlock Easy DRM Converter for Windows.


How Easy DRM Converter for Windows Works?

When this tiny software from AppleMacSoft is launched, iTunes also automatically starts with it. The start screen shows the list of Playlists on the left pane. You can several items like – Library, Music, Music Videos, Movies, iTunesU, Podcasts, Audiobooks, MyTopRated, Classical Music, Interent Radio, iTunes Store etc. On the right you can see the music track information like – Name, Duration, Artist, Status, Album etc.


The significant part comes at the bottom. Here you can set the output format to which the DRM Converter should use to convert to. You can also set the frequency, bitrate, samplerate, channels, output folder and change the file name if required.

On the top, you can see the following options – Refresh, Options, Convert.

[highlight]So just clicking the Convert button will begin the batch process of iTunes playlists to the required format. You can convert the DRM files to MP3, M4A, AC3, AIFF, AU, FLAC, M4R and MKA container formats. The codecs supported are LAME, AAC, Dolby DTS, FLAC and uncompressed PCM. In order to make the files smaller in size for Android devices, you can change the bitrates and sampling rates.[/highlight]

This may alter the quality, but you get a decent size that fits your internal space on your mobile phone.

5 Steps to do the DRM Conversion Process?

Step # 1 : First go to your iTunes player and click the “New” tab at the top. You can also search for great tracks or albums. For example, I have chosen the “You Want it Darker” by Leonard Cohen from iTunes Charts. Now you need to click the 3-dot button and click “Add to my Music”.

Step #2 : You can see this album added under “My Music” tab at the top. To download individual songs, you can either click the cloud icons beside each track or the cloud icon beside the album to download the entire album. But you need to pay for these songs or albums, as they are DRM protected initially.

If you are using the 3-month free subscription, I think you can download them without paying it. Please let me know in the comments on how it works.

Step #3 : Now stop playing any tracks you want convert in iTunes. Then open the Easy DRM Converter for Windows. Click the “Refresh” button. You should see all the tracks and albums listed under “Music”. To convert the files you require to MP3 or any format, you just need to checkmark them. You can then set the typical format like 320 kbps MP3 and 48000 Hz sample rate. Set the output folder and file name.

Step #4 :Then click the “Convert” button. The process will take place for some time. Then you can click the “Export Save File” button to locate the converted files.

Step #5 : Now you can see the converted files in the output folder location you specified. They are playable by Windows Media Player or VLC or any other media player, depending on the format you chosen to convert to. You can also transfer these songs to Android devices, audio players or even burn them to CD, DVD, Blue-Ray Discs.


What are the Advantages?

  • The process is simple.
  • You need not spend big money.
  • The conversion process is good.
  • The DRM removal is very stable.
  • Integration with iTunes is very good.
  • It supports all popular codecs, export format, bitrate and quality.
  • ID3 tag is generally taken from the DRM files.

What are the Cons?

Just like any other software, it has its own limitations. I tried to use the batch conversion process to remove DRM protection in bulk. The conversion window starts freezing. Although this is natural, when you have several tracks, but when you click the “Stop” button, it doesn’t stop all. This is a hindrance if you are doing another work.

Also, if you want to click the “Explore Save File” button in the middle of batch conversion process on completed files, it doesn’t work as expected. Otherwise, the multi-tasking feature is not properly working. Also, the specific conversion option of MKA with AAC codes doesn’t run smoothly.

Easy DRM Converter crashes immediately when we choose this option.


This software app for Windows 10 is pretty good with DRM conversion process. It has excellent feature set. The flexibility with which you can integrate with iTunes and add the download files is very simple. It syncs with iTunes without any problems. You can convert using various codecs and export to different formats.

There is also preference to tune the DRM convert software to your requirement. The custom conversion speed can be set within a scale of 1-16. You just have to use the “Convert” button to automatically start the conversion process. To make sure, you see only the unconverted files in your playlist, you can use the “Uncheck all completed files after completion” option

Also, you can set a custom format for the converted files.

For example, you can save all the tracks to the file names with the following format – {Album} > {Title}>{Artist}. In one-word, this software is really worth the money and can save you lots of dollars from buying from iTunes Music Store.

Disclaimer :  The above trick is only for informational purposes. We strongly recommend the visitor to buy the original DRM music from iTunes. We strongly respect the license agreement of Apple and their music. Any unauthorized usage of this article and software mentioned, is not at all related to our site. This is only a review made available based on the product page.

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