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If you have not read my earlier post on token icon installer for Windows 7 SP1, don’t worry! This is another post which gives links on how to download token icons. Token icons developed by Brsev and Mr-Ragnarok, which can be found on are reviewed here.

First we’ll review the token icon pack installers developed by ~Brsev. When I searched on the net, I found 3 different variants of token icon sets by ~brsev which we can download. I’m giving the links, screenshot and review of each of these token icon sets below.

  • Token developed by Brsev, includes 128 unique icon designs.


Each icon is available in dark and light variants. The token icon set is also available as an ICO bundling of 256×256, 32×32 and 16×16 icons.

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  • -each available in dark and light variants
  • -available as an ICO bundling 256×256, 32×32 and 16×16 icons
  • -available as a PNG at 128×128
  • -available as an icon packager theme thanks to naymlezwun here: [link]
  • -one PSD file including the layer styles for each resolution is included, as well as a detailed tutorial of how to design to match the set.
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Download Token by ~brsev

Token Dark by ~brsev contains 160 icons and the maximum size available is 256×256 px.


Author Website:
Download Token Dark by ~brsev

Token Icons 1.0 by brsev, includes over 100 different icons to customize Windows.


Works on Windows XP/Vista/7/8.

Ideal to create new themes for Windows with a different look.  It’s available in shades of gray(light and dark). Token icons work on Windows operating systems, Vista and XP. There are 2 formats : ICO (16×16 pixels in size) and to use the images as icons  and PNG(128×128 pixels in size).

The images are now named according to which the program can be used, which are mainly for internet use and image editors. They are icons for Photoshop, Flash, GIMP, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, among others.

The pros are that it’s design is beautiful and modern and available in two colours. The only con is that some icons are not easily identifiable.

Download Token Icons 1.0 by ~brsev

Huge Token IconPack Installer


It works on both x86 and x64. It has both the dark and light token icon installer variety. Token file types are added and some other icons.

Note: Proper backup before you begin is necessary. Both Top and Default preview are available in the downloaded rar file.

MegaUpload: [link]
*Torrent* [link]

The below is the trouble shooter link for installing and downloading this token icon set.

Earlier, I was dis-interested in token icons as I thought these will make the desktop miserable. But after installing the ubuntu themes for windows 7, I got little confidence. Now from my understanding over the months, I came to realize what are “token icons” ? These are nothing but a peculiar set of icons which have got wide set of popularity among users and community of Windows, Apple and Android.

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token_icons_image3                        token_icons_image4

token_icons_image2                          token_icons_image5

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