Tip: #How to Unblock an Application/Software/Program in Windows 7 using Security Permissions

If you’re looking to block an application or software program in Windows 7, please read the following post. But if someone has managed to block the application or program you intend to use on Windows 7 and you do have the Windows 7 Administrative privileges to change the Security permissions of the program, it’s very simple to unblock the program from working again.

Just open the same Permissions pop-up window. To open it follow the directions mentioned in the “block Windows 7 application” post mentioned earlier.


  • Select the Group or user names you want to unblock the application in Windows 7.
  • Under Permissions for Users, uncheck the boxes under “Deny” column and check the “Allow” column boxes for Read & Execute and Read permissions.

Your program will once again execute as usual.


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