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Windows 8 and 8.1 Task Manager – A Complete Review

When ever we talk about killing a process or application, it’s the Task Manager that comes to the mind first. Since the days of XP, this little in-built tool could be accessed by simply pressing the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys altogether. But with the advent of Windows 8, there are few changes to be noticed in the Redmond operating system for desktops. For example, there is no “Start Button“. But due to the huge outcry from the Microsoft community in many forums and blogs, this got replaced partially. Luckily, we can still access the Windows 8.1 task manager in

How To Block People and Contacts on Skype for Windows 8

Skype App in Windows 8 – Review – A Simple Video showing the features Windows 8 has integrated apps into its lifestyle. Skype is one such app and many of its features have been revamped to suit Microsoft style. Now you can merge Hotmail contacts with Skype and can call your friends for free. The Skype for Windows 8 sucks when compared to the desktop version. The basic reason is it’s lack of flexibility in navigating different features which otherwise was very simple using the PC version. You cannot simply import contacts that you have previously imported. It doesn’t allow you to

Simple Tutorial to Configure SkyDrive Web App

Cloud Services have been integrated into Windows 8. SkyDrive plays the major role in this integration. Apps in Windows Store are making enough noise that you can’t divert your attention to other stores. Today, let’s see how to configure SkyDrive web app from your browser. Earlier we have seen how SkyDrive client can be useful on desktop and at the same time as Store app in Windows 8. But there are simplistic options using the web interface. First login to your SkyDrive account by typing and using your Microsoft Account or Windows Live Id credentials. The first screen will

How To Delete Windows Messenger Contacts – A New Way

With Windows 8 come some default Microsoft apps. People app is so connected to Windows Messenger Contacts, that its so easy to manage them with just a click or tap. Mail and Messaging are powered by People’s contact list, which reiterates that you can connect your app with other apps. The initial contacts imported to People’s app are nothing but your Windows Messenger Contacts (a.k.a WLM or MSN). Every now and then you add a contact to your huge list. (may be a p**n friend who likes to show). Later you find that he’s bugging you every time you are

Messaging App, Windows 8 – Block all Notifications from MSN and FaceBook

Have you tried the new Metro apps from Microsoft ? Messaging app, Windows 8 is one such app installed by default. It sends notifications in whichever app you are. Some like it and some dislike. If you are like me who want to block Messaging app services, there is a simple solution! Once you are connected to the internet, this app uses its resources. So if you are on a limited or metered connections, Windows 8 Messaging app starts draining some of your bandwidth. But the flip side of stopping Messaging App services,  is you will not receive any notifications

Use BitLet when uTorrent/BitTorrent Access is Denied

Torrents are a popular way of downloading music, movies and TV shows. Generally, you would be using a torrent client like uTorrent or BitTorrent to download .torrent files and see the status of torrent downloads like number of files, seeds, peers, download transfer rate, upload transfer rate etc. It is also imperative that you have administrative rights on your computer/laptop to allow uTorrent to be used as a Bit Torrent client. Sometimes, Firewall exceptions are required to allow uTorrent to download the torrents. BitLet – Web Based Bit Torrent client What if you are in school, college, university, office where

Capture Photos-Images with Effects : PhotoBooth for Windows 7

If you’ve already used Mac OSX or iPad 2, you’re already familiar with the photobooth app, which lets you capture images from a camera device like webcam and style them with different photo effects like negative, sepia, thermal camera, X-Ray etc. But when it comes to desktop, you’re in search for such an app. For all those people, PhotoBooth for Windows 7 is a new software which does the same for desktop Windows. It’s a wrapper to the old picture booth app for Windows developed long time ago. You can do the same thing using photo-editing software like Photoshop, Picasa

InstantLogonChanger : Changes Windows 7 Logon Screen

You might have seen several free tools like Logon Editor, Account Screen Editor, Screen Tweaker etc which can change the Windows 7 logon screen, each one having it’s unique features. InstantLogonChanger is another freeware app, which can change your logon screen to another image or wallpaper. The unique feature of this tool is that you can always have the same logon screen as the Windows 7 desktop wallpaper. There are several options in this tool. You can check the checkbox, which says, “Always use your desktop wallpaper as logon background”. This will automatically make your logon background same as the

Get Metro Tiles in Windows 8 to Windows 7 using Pulmon

If you’ve already seen the new start preview screen in Windows 8 OS, you’ve noticed the metro tiles feature. The upcoming OS, which is the next version of Windows 7, will ship with a Metro UI. It’s a tile based display information system, right on the screen. Pulmon is a great software app or tool which brings the Windows 8 Metro UI tiles feature to Windows 7. It gives the options to add IE, User etc. Internet Explorer is added as a tile on the desktop. Clicking it will open IE. Some other commands of the tiles are as follows: