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Which is the Best Metro Web Browser?

With PC market dwindling and Microsoft following the trend of tablet devices, Metro is here to stay. Browsers are part of Internet activity and need to cope-up with performance, speed and memory when compared with the developments in Hardware. Its almost 6 months since the release of final version of Windows 8 and we also produced an article on the best internet browsers for the Metro OS. Today in this article, we are going to see relatively a new comparison of benchmarks for 7 and 8 of the more popular browsers and find out which is the best metro web browser.

How to Customize Internet Explorer 9 ?

Internet Explorer 10 is making noise with the advent of Windows 8 Customer preview. But if you are a Windows 7 or Vista user, you would still be using Internet Explorer 9. Though IE9 has been around for sometime, customizing different options has been not that easy. Either you need to know the intricacies of this browser or you need to be a smart geek. Read some of my other Microsoft Windows articles! Internet Browsers in Windows 8 including IE 10 … You can enhance internet explorer download limit to 10 or more … Change Window Color and Appearance in

Password Management Tools for IE9 – LastPass & IE PassView

Chrome and Firefox have excellent password management tools self-built into their browser system, that you can easily access the saved passwords of websites with just a few clicks. You can easily view the stored passwords in Chrome by following this tutorial in Windows 7. But in IE9, you don’t have this feature built-in, which makes viewing saved passwords almost impossible without a tool. Although from a security perspective this is an excellent feature, but if you forgot any website passwords, retrieving is a difficult task. So in case, you’re the only one using your computer, I’d introduce to you the

[#New] How to View Stored Passwords in Google Chrome 19.0.1084.9

Google Chrome provides an automatic way to store and recover your Facebook, Gmail and other website passwords. Till recently, it was very easy to see the exact passwords by looking into the options. But now from Google Chrome 19.0.1084.9 m ( as I know), it made it difficult to view the passwords stored in it’s database. Let us see how we can view stored passwords in Google Chrome in the new version. Click on the wrench icon  on the right hand side corner of the address bar. Click on Settings. This will open Settings in a new tab.