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[DIY] How to Make a Wi-Fi Router for Rs 285 or $14.15 or £6.82 using Windows 8.1 or 8 or 7 PC?

Whether you are in USA, UK or India, you always want to buy the cheapest deals in electronics. Whether it’s a PC or laptop or tablet or smartphone it doesn’t make a difference. With increasing devices, you need different networks for different hardware, which makes your internet costly. But I’ll tell you common known secret which is little modified to give you the best and cheapest deal of wireless router. As you know 3G and 4G data networks for mobiles cost more and they have their limitations in bandwidth. Though the LAN connected or Ethernet based internet is cheaper, you

5 Tips to Buy a New Computer in 2013

Before you own a computer you should carefully judge the merits and de-merits of the hardware and software that the system is going to be built with. Whether you need it for school, business or home, it can really be a confusing deal. There are lot of things to be considered before buying a new computer like  price, reliability, warranty, memory, USB slots and pre-installed software packages. Read More : Some of the New Features in Windows 8 In simpler terms my recommendations for you to buy a new computer are as follows: Always buy an assembled PC Buy the latest

See the Windows Phone 7.5 vs 8 Battle Features

Windows Phone 7.5 code named Mango is a first generation operating system. But the material upgrade from 7.5 to 7.8, now makes us look at Windows Phone 7.5 vs 8. A new leak from a reputable site in Russia, gives us clear differences between 7.x and 8. If you are thinking of upgrading from 7.5, better upgrade to a Windows Phone 8, as the below infographic shows: With Windows Phone 7.8 you will get the new Start Screen. But if you observe the above table, there are noticeable differences. IE10 will not be available and you have to settle for

[Review] Samsung Galaxy S III – Technology, Carriers, Release Date, Images, Video

US smartphone users are the first to test new product releases. The release of Samsung Galaxy S III just goes the other way. Though the launch of S3 grandly went of in nearly 30 countries, those in US continent are anxiously waiting for its release. The phone boasts of a quad-core processor, Super HD AMOLED display, 720p screen, 64GB premium storage option, 8MP stills, 1080p video, 1GB of RAM and a lot of software features.       Though the release date of various carrier services is still not announced, many are taking pre-orders. The wait for 2012’s biggest release of Android