PST Recovery Software – Optimum Way to Handle Damaged Outlook Files

Outlook PST Recovery software works towards recovering corrupted PST files and makes them accessible. The tool recovers damaged PST and restores it into three major file formats. These file extensions are accepted over multiple email clients and are used worldwide by end users. Product Information: The latest version of the tool is v4.1 and it comes with the total size of 17.2 MB. It is supported over all the versions of MS Outlook application and is well accepted over Windows Operating System; both 32 and 64 bit versions. It requires minimum 1GB Ram along with 2.4GHz system processor for successful

HostGator with Outlook 2013 – Settings Explained [Tutorial]

If you are hosting (i.e storing files, folders, images, videos, films etc on a server) a website, you probably know what HostGator is! I’ve already given my 10 reasons why I prefer HostGator as the best web hosting company in the world. Though its not boasting about its features, I have explained about my experience. But just hosting a website may not be sufficient sometimes! You also need a professional email that makes your address card look official. I also wrote another article on how to create a domain email in hostgator and view in Windows Live Mail. But there is another

“Exchange ActiveSync” Introduced in the New App for Android Devices

Outlook Blog recently released an excited announcement regarding major upgrade to the app for Android devices. It provides a number of new features and entire modification of the user interface. Steve Kafka believes that the best mobile experience is enabled through Exchange ActiveSync. This service protocol provides a rich, powerful, network-optimized experience for Windows Phone, iOS and other mobile devices. You can install this new updated app from Google Play Store. Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) 14.1 came as part of Exchange Server 2010 SP1. This version of the protocol added GAL photos(images stored in an Active Directory server of the user

How to Manually Configure for Windows Live Mail 2011

Earlier we talked about the POP3 settings in This would only suffice enough if you are a little expert in doing things. But if your mail client is Windows Live Mail, you can also configure to receive and send mail. The same settings which appeared in the earlier article can act as a guide. But if you want a clear-cut explanation  on the details follow the tutorial below. Start Windows Live Mail 2011. (If you are new to Live Mail, you can get it at this link here). Navigate to Accounts > Email So when you click the

Clear Details on POP3 Settings for SmartPhones and PC

With the phase out of Hotmail and quiet launch of on Feb 19th, 2013, it has been kind of  frustrating experience for Microsoft email users. If you observe the reviews on the internet, many didn’t like and want to remove it and go back to But Microsoft boasts that 60 million users are actively using Should we think this as a marketing strategy or forcible usage of monotony to make it’s users accept it’s web service, only Microsoft loyal users can answer! But since we are forced to use as the default mail service and

How to Add Email Account to Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Essentials 2012 is released and frankly speaking not many changes have occurred in Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Mail and Windows Live Writer. Except at the start of the application the logo shows 2012. I observed a strange situation today.  I tried to open an email by clicking the Inbox in WLM 2012. This opened up the Windows Live Mail application. As you can see at the bottom I also received an email notification that mail has arrived. Before we go ahead, let me clarify a few things. Recently Microsoft has revamped its email system and will soon

How to Revert to Hotmail Account and Interface

We have already see on how to convert your Hotmail or Live or Microsoft account to Email Id. But when analyzing some of the queries in Google Analytics for my site, I found some readers would like to revert or undo the email address to Hotmail. Causes for Going Back from to Hotmail? In the first instance, when you have upgraded your Hotmail account to (I mean the account, not the interface), email address becomes the primary email. So in order to login to Hotmail Account or for using as Microsoft Account (which is nothing

How to Convert “Windows Live Id” or “Hotmail” Account to ?

Probably you might have heard about “Windows Live Id” which is now passionately called “Microsoft account”., the new cloud e-mail service from Microsoft, uses this account details to login. In the earlier days, the “Microsoft account” used to be any email address and a password. Generally, the email address used to be Hotmail account.  You can check the “Windows Live Id” page to create an account. So what is actually ? is nothing but, Microsoft’s latest email service, which will replace both Hotmail and Live Mail.  As we said earlier, if you have an Hotmail account you