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[Fix] Skype and Windows 10 – Some Early Errors and Solutions

Skype in Windows 10 comes as 3 separate apps. The Universal Skype preview may be in the lining. But for now, it will be split into – a video app, an app for calls, a message app. Microsoft is trying to integrate Skype into Windows 10, making it as the iMessage service for its OS. Windows 10 users can also utilize the Edge browser (specific to 10) to take audio and video calls via its Skype features for the first time. Using the Wi-Fi sense feature, which is newly in-built into Windows 10, the OS can share your Wi-Fi passwords with

[Fix] Skype Not Working or Opening in Windows 8.1 – Some Solutions

Skype does have its own set of installation and opening errors. Recently, I upgraded to the latest version of 7.7.x and still my Skype client was not opening. I had no problems earlier. I am using Windows 8.1 64 bit.  I removed the Skype app that gets installed by default with Metro apps. So initially I thought I was making some mistake by deleting it. So I tried to re-install again. But now there is peculiar message to update the current version to the desktop, which I already installed. So I felt that there was something wrong? So I uninstalled

How Much Internet Does Skype Use – Bandwidth and Data Usage

Skype has been bought by Microsoft in May 2011 for around $8.5 billion. From that time to current, there have been several changes in subscription plans, data usage policy and bandwidth requirements. Many Skype users complain that it is using too much data over mobile and internet. In order to know the reality, we have researched the web and found the “near” correct internet usage of Skype application and app. Once you are on limited bandwidth, you are supposed to use your apps and software very resourcefully. This is because, you don’t know which app or program is consuming bandwidth.

How To Stop Skype Upgrade and Continue Using Windows Live Messenger?

April has come to an end. By now you should have upgraded your Windows Live Messenger to Skype. Why am I saying this ? This is because, according to Microsoft, starting from April 8th ( which is already over), Messenger clients will receive messages that will upgrade them to Skype clients. By the end of April, this should be complete. Now May has started. So are you still using Windows Live Messenger? You don’t want to move to Skype! Right! Then the alternative is to use this little piece of software called “Messenger Reviver” to stay on. Until when? Only

How To Block People and Contacts on Skype for Windows 8

Skype App in Windows 8 – Review – A Simple Video showing the features Windows 8 has integrated apps into its lifestyle. Skype is one such app and many of its features have been revamped to suit Microsoft style. Now you can merge Hotmail contacts with Skype and can call your friends for free. The Skype for Windows 8 sucks when compared to the desktop version. The basic reason is it’s lack of flexibility in navigating different features which otherwise was very simple using the PC version. You cannot simply import contacts that you have previously imported. It doesn’t allow you to