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How to Choose the Best Wireless Router for Home for Windows 8.1 or 8 or 7?

A wireless router for Windows in 2015 has many functions. It is a simple device that does the functionality of both router and wireless access point. A router is a device that connects multiple devices to the same internet connection, in simplicity, though it can perform various other networking tasks. You can even connect your printer, scanner and other hardware wirelessly using wireless routers. But is it compatible with Windows 8.1, 8 and 7? To choose the right device, you need to study their specifications. For example, my ISP (Tikona in India) has asked me to check whether it is

5 Best Internet Download Managers for Windows 10, 8.1 and 8?

The internet is full of download managers. Choosing the right product is a difficult task. Even the fastest internet browser need some downloading tools. They also do not utilize the maximum bandwidth speed. For this purpose, you need to buy the fastest download manager which can make downloading faster. To make internet faster in Windows 8 or 8.1, you need to have the right download manager. Otherwise, some products come with crappy adware that can become hindrance to the browsing experience. Checking each download manager present on the internet can become a daunting task even for the hard-working Windows user.

5 Tips to Buy a New Computer in 2013

Before you own a computer you should carefully judge the merits and de-merits of the hardware and software that the system is going to be built with. Whether you need it for school, business or home, it can really be a confusing deal. There are lot of things to be considered before buying a new computer like  price, reliability, warranty, memory, USB slots and pre-installed software packages. Read More : Some of the New Features in Windows 8 In simpler terms my recommendations for you to buy a new computer are as follows: Always buy an assembled PC Buy the latest

How To Control your Windows 7 Firewall – A Review

Sometimes firewalls can be a deterrent to the smooth usage of your Windows 7 PC. Although the main purpose of firewalling your computer is for better security, there are reasons to not use it for better performance. One reason I can give is your network speed. Presently I am using “Tikona” which is an ISP in India and the technician immediately disabled my Windows 7 firewall on the first day. Read More : Windows 7 vs Windows 8 – Know the differences Since a firewall is used to stop unauthorised use of computers outside your network (or computer) or to stop

How To Delete Windows Messenger Contacts – A New Way

With Windows 8 come some default Microsoft apps. People app is so connected to Windows Messenger Contacts, that its so easy to manage them with just a click or tap. Mail and Messaging are powered by People’s contact list, which reiterates that you can connect your app with other apps. The initial contacts imported to People’s app are nothing but your Windows Messenger Contacts (a.k.a WLM or MSN). Every now and then you add a contact to your huge list. (may be a p**n friend who likes to show). Later you find that he’s bugging you every time you are